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4/18/2011 -

Drainage Solutions, Inc. is now stocking the Spears Sewer Disconnect Valve and Plunger

Available to purchase online at

Spears Sewer Disconnect functions as both cleanout and disconnect device, plus helps prevent sewage backup during hurricanes and floods. Complete unit consists of body and plunger (sold separately - both parts are required for proper use). The plunger can be screwed into the body to block solids waste flow. The plunger should be removed from the body and stored when not in use to prevent accidental closing (i.e., from ground vibration, etc.).
  • Connects directly to 4" SDR-35 (or any ASTM D3034/D2729) PVC Sewer Pipe.
  • Easily adapted to 4" Schedule 40 PVC Drainage Pipe with addition of IPS x Sewer Adapters, Socket x Spigot, Spears part no. 3729-04013IXS.
  • User-supplied standpipe can be installed to grade using PVC Sewer Pipe connected to the body branch socket and a Sewer Cap to close off (Spears part no. 4047-040). Optionally, user-supplied Schedule 40 Pipe can be used for standpipe with addition of a Schedule 40 DWV Socket Coupling (Spears part no. P100-040) and Cap (Spears part no. P116-040).
  • T-handle for Plunger operation can be easily fabricated from user-supplied 1" Schedule 40 Pipe and Tee fitting (Spears part no. 401-010).

Note - the unit restricts flow by approximately 85%. As a result, the unit must be located in the sewer line where solids are present. Full disconnect is not achieved without solids in the flow.