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Dekorra Rock Enclosures Expands Options
12/28/2011 -

We're excited to present top-quality rock enclosures made with our all-new textured material, RealRock™. This gritty , tough, and varigated rock-like surface is astonishingly realistic, and blends in with other natural textures—you truly have to see it to believe it. All Dekorra rock enclosures are made in the USA from recyclable materials.

With RealRock™, not only do you acheive incredibly realistic aesthetics, but unmatched longevity in virtually any climate. In fact, this new material is so good, we've incorporated it into our entire product line. Very simply, it's state-of-the-art.

Autumn Bluff / Sienna    Fieldstone / Gray         Riverbed / Brown       Sandstone / Sand


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