Septic Systems


Presby Advanced Enviro-Septic Pipe

  • Brand: Presby Environmental
  • Product Description:

    Advanced Enviro-Septic is an effective, passive onsite wastewater treatment system for residential, commercial and community use.

    AES quickly and naturally establishes multiple bacterial treatment environments throughout the system that break down and digest wastewater contaminants that leave the septic tank.

    • Each unit of Advanced Enviro-Septic pipe is 10 feet long, has an outside diameter of 12 inches, and is clearly marked with the products name.
    • Snap-lock couplings, offset adapters, PVC piping and end caps are used for system assembly.
    • Readily available and easily worked System Sand is used to complete the System.
    • NSF-40 Class I Certified
    • BNQ Certified for Secondary and Advanced Secondary Treatment
    • Establishes treatment quickly throughout the system
    • Effectively filters out even more suspended solids
    • Utilizes natural processes
    • Installation & Technical information available in the Specifications Library